Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Cambio, gendancers, the latest and greatest techie news is in.

Do you know about “Cambio” yet? It may CHANGE your way of online video artistry. We’ve got the skinny on what Jonas, MTV and AOL are doing to make the switch.
Move aside YouTube and Entertainment Tonight, here comes Cambio, the newest online marketing strategy. Cambio will provide fans will both daily and weekly video shows that will bring fans closer to their favorite celebrities. Backed by AOL, Cambio will feature actors, musicians and athletes alike. (This is your chance, gendancers... go get it.)
In addition to allowing fans direct access to the latest entertainment info, Cambio will also feature a daily entertainment talk show entitled Cambio Connect. Cambio Goes Home is another series that will be produced, bringing viewers to celebrity hometowns. “Webisodes” will run from two to eight minutes long. 
Although some videos will be “artist-generated,” other will be sponsored by brands like Bayer Diabetes Care. AOL hopes that Cambio will take the lead in the next generation of online media. and gendance is proud to be the next gen artist vehicle to tell you about it all FIRST.
Keep striving GFF’s, and keep up with the latest technology. You never know, the latest gadget can bring you to new levels. Google your way to Cambio and tell us what you think.

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