Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celebrity Competitions CREATE is a win win, and an ironic twist with a dance studio name!

Only weeks ago, Celebrity hosted their Create Competition (aka the Celebrity Choreography Competition) on the California and Florida Nationals at Sea. After finishing their eleven city tour, Celebrity chartered their dancers on new waters. The competition aimed to promote emerging choreographers who wanted their buried treasure to be found. Jenny Wilson of Dance Tech Studios (California winner), and Kim Hurley of Generation Dance Studio (Florida winner), wowed the judges, by making their moves stand out.  Congratulations to both winners. 

Here's the deets:
Jenny Wilson choreographed "Night of the Vampire" from Park City Utah. After a dancer suggested a vampire theme, the Twilight craze took off and this piece is now an award winner. GREAT JOB!

Kim Hurley choreographed "I Wish" from Fort McMurray, AB, Canada. This piece took the audience by storm and her creativity was a shining factor in her win. GREAT JOB!
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