Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You're Invited... An Online Contest from our friends in Australia. HOW COOL!?

This week gendance is highlighting a very special upcoming event presented by the Sydney Opera House. Attention all gendancers: Get ready for the My Mutation Online Dance Competition. Show off your dance moves and you could win an expenses paid trip to Sydney, Australia. All you have to do is interpret and dance a given starter solo, choreographed by Kate Champion, and then boogie twenty seconds further in your own style. Go to to obtain the starter. Entries can be submitted online via YouTube. Admissions will no longer be accepted come August 10. Applicants of all ages and styles are welcome to break, tap, plie and switch-leap their way to a chance of a lifetime. The winner will be determined after Champion selects a group of finalists to compete in two elimination rounds. In the land down under, the winner will dance at the Spring Dance Festival (running from August 31 to September 26). He or she will also receive $2000 cash and a SONY prizepack. So get your grove on and make YouTube viewers keep their eyes glued to their computer screens. Good luck,
The gendance Trend Crew

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