Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Moonwalk Tour... This is IT!

It seems gendance isn’t the only one addicted to Michael Jackson (who ever isn’t should just beat it). London-based company, STA Travel, is taking fans on a journey to some of MJ’s favorite locations. The adventures begin in London at the Hamleys Toy Store and continue across all the continents, minus Antarctica (yes, even the King of Pop couldn’t conquer this no man’s land). Stops include Bahrain, a frequent spot during the hard times of 2005; Sydney, Australia, where MJ exchanged vows with Debbie Rowe; the site of his life-size marzipan statue just outside Budapest; and, of course, his burial site in LA. While the excursion may not have the infamous Neverland Ranch scheduled in the itinerary, it is still a great opportunity for fans to follow in the moonwalk (literally) of Michael Jackson. Much love to Michael and all the GFF’s that we reach and inspire throughout the world.

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