Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The gendance "dance" is coming. You're invited to Submit.

We're teaming up with Amber Moelter's Girl in the Red Dress Productions to bring you the user generated contest you've been waiting for and to give us, a dance to call our own. You've seen the bus stop, the macarena, and this week, you've fallen back in love with the Carlton. Can you be creative and come up with a "gendance dance". We know you can and so we're giving you the tools to do it. Girl in the Red Dress has given rise to a remix of "Last Dance". We're giving all gendancers this song for FREE. Your job it to download the song, get in front of your flip video and show us what you think the "gendance dance" should be. We're talking with sponsored prizes now. You won't believe what we're going to offer! Get Ready. We wanna give you the creative rights to the gendance dance... Welcome to the next generation. Details coming ASAP. Think of your 4 counts starting... NOW!

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