Tuesday, July 27, 2010

gendance hugs its interns

This summer, we're swimming in interns. (And no, we're not swimming at the beach while they're working.) Meet Olivia. We hosted a GFF interview with her and we thought we would share it with you.

Why do you like working for gendance?
I like working for gendance because each week I am given fresh, inspiring material. Reading interviews and hearing what professionals have to say is so exciting. After helping to write a story, I always walk away feeling motivated. Reading and writing about what the Beat Freaks or Kat Wildish (to name a few) have to say about their perseverance, only makes me want to push myself to achieve my goals. With the right perspective anything is possible.
What's the best part about gendance you like most each week?
Each week I am given something new. I’ve read interviews and written stories about ballerinas, breakers, pilates instructors, you name it. I love that kind of variety. Being able to participate in a SYTYCD conference call is also very exciting. I LOVE watching the show, so to be that close to the stars is incredible. 
What do you see gendance becoming in the future?
I think gendance will only continue to grow and reach amazing new heights in the future. Because of its variety, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. gendance gives its readers something extra. It gives them a more personal look at the artists it features. This quality separates gendance from other publications, and it’s this feature that will truly take gendance to the next generation. 
What do you want to tell future interns of gendance?
Work hard. Really take your time to read the given material and research further. Being able to help write for gendance is a big responsibility, but also a big honor. Not only will you grow as a professional, but as a person too. The feeling you get after writing a knockout story is amazing. Take the advice the artists give, and apply it to your own life. Be proactive and “go for greatness.”
WOW. We love her even more. A+ for Oliva and a GFF Golf Clap, too!
Now, meet Carly. Miss Carly comes in weekly and she is one of the most delightful, helpful and gendance-EB & A worthy interns we’ve ever had. We absolutely adore her and want to keep her forever. We asked her what she liked best about this internship and she began jumping up and down in excitement. Then, she did backflips down the hallway and ran to an all important celebrity interview for next week’s issue in our private limo. Sorry we couldn’t finish her Q n A, but you’ll be hearing more from her in the future, for shazzle.
Special thanks to all young next geners who care about our vision. We're so proud of your accomplishments thus far.

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