Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walk four, step, hit, hold... Wave

gendance took the red eye to LA last month to capture the beginning choreography of Miss Kansas from the choreographer that's been chosen to create the moves of the event for 10 years now. Gregg Russell, our Ambassador, and his colleagues Barry Youngblood, Angie Carter and Denise Bailey rehearsed at a studio in LA and we got the pics. It's wonderful being in the "process" of seeing the steps being created and to think that between the lights, the staging, the talent competitions and all, that the girls nail their routine every year on stage. gendance celebrates Gregg Russell for his work. Check out this video that we captured from the girls while rehearsing. Special thanks to our readers that wrote in during June to ask Gregg questions during his Ambassador run...

And ultra congrats to the New Miss and Teen Miss Kansas.

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