Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Steven Tyler-Fashion King

Through the 80's, Steven Tyler stood at the top of his throne of long jackets with penguin tails, boots, rings, long hair and headbands. The male rocker look has been donned by many over the years due to his fashion sense. Dance competitions and conventions have had loaded iPods filled with "Dream On" and "Walk this Way" for ages-so his music and fashion is living among us in the dance world-not to mention the dancers from SYTYCD who choreographed and walked their way to his songs. (And now, there's American Idol and Guitar Hero, so this heroic rockstar is still king.)

And... he is still creating runway magic on the stage. Last weekend's Aerosmith concert at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City was spectacular. Not only did Aerosmith make us do that 'rocker sign' with our fingers and wave them in the air, but we basked in his glorious threads. There were rhinestones on his pants built into his logo (We're sure they were Swarovski) and his sunglasses (aviators, of course) were on and off his head a few times. (And we were so close that when he took them off, he looked at us and winked!) No lie. The paisley jacket (unbuttoned of course, sexy man) was the perfect accent to his 2 hour set of loud tunes that made us jump up and down in the audience.

So in conclusion of today's fashion issue. We had men from around the ballet, contemporary and jazz worlds, but we also can't forget the bad boy side of the men that we love- and Steven Tyler is a perfect example of gendance fashion for the bad boy in all of us. No, we're not Crazy, he's Amazing.

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