Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bill Hastings Loves gendance

Bill Hastings stopped by gendance to talk about our 100th issue coming up next week. He's such a fan. Who would have thought?! So, in light of his praise, we interviewed him quickly for his advice, wisdom and words of the wise.

What inspires you most?
A sense of moving through space.

Ah, like Star Trek. Gotcha. Well, in terms of dance, how did YOU learn?
I started at the age of 23 and was fortunate to have Harvey Hysell as my teacher, whose patience was contagious and inspirational.

Who are your mentors?
Bob Fosse

Of course. What's the best advice he's given you?
He taught dancers as actors and it therefore gave us something to think about as we were interpreting the music and movement and it helped to understand the best dancing was motivated by subtext and clear intent.

So you just got back from Norway, huh Bill?
Yep. I rehearsed a professional jazz dance company in 24 numbers for a new show called "Jazz on Jazz" created by Chet Walker.

Whoah, 24 numbers eh?

Well, what do you think of our 100 number next week then?
It's wonderful! The next generation is most important. Without them all of our hard work would be in vain. I consider it a privilege to pass down by knowledge to the next gen and think it's wonderful for gendance to be focussing on them and previewing folks like me for advice to pass on.

How do you want to salute our gendancers for the 100th issue? What's your idea of a party?
For the party... dance, dance dance! Every day when I wake up the party begins.

You see. We knew you were a GFF VIP all the time. We're honored that you stopped by, we wish you the best with your endeavors and we can't wait to see you again in the NEW gendance coming soon.


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