Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Herman Chavez Makes BIG Actor Moves in NYC. Follow Him. We Recommend.

Ok that sounded a bit like a yoda sentence, but in all honesty. This guy's got it going on. The moment he knew he hit gold was when he realized he can be self sufficient in his auditions and can compete with the pros on his own, fearlessly. (Good words to live by.) Herman's business is called "The Mental Game of Auditioning". Why? Because it has NOTHING to do with the scene. It's a psychological game that starts in your mind. The body will always follow the mind. Chaos in the mind is cause/effect of being nervous.

He started this biz because he's cried many times like you, in his living room filled with agony and emotional distress of trying to compete at all actor levels. He turned it around when he addressed the focus OFF the scene. Just like boxing baby, 90% is mental, the other 10% is technical.

The workshops are for everyone and many come who are in the range of 20 to 65. It's valuable to your career because you get a clear overview as to what causes you to give a good audition read and it's got real world experience.

In his spare time, he practices and sharpens his skills and of course, catches up on a bit of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and Zen, which is good for everyone, not just performers. (We go to sleep sometimes to Deepak.) Does he have an agent you ask? Course. His agent in NY is Brett Adams and in LA is Coast to Coast.

Herman Chavez lives without fear and is inspired by quality and doing a job well done. Herman is a recurring actor on HBO's How To Make It In America.

He told us that what makes him a trendsetter is having a low tolerance for BS and undisciplined people. (Herman, you rock! Speak the truth, brotha!) That certainly qualifies him for trendsetter-ness. Who has time for people walking around with ego's? Not us either.

Influenced by his mom, Bruce Lee (Karate chop!) his casting director and by women. (Yeah! Herman... you see the light.) He wants everyone to follow their heart and we want everyone to follow his career and sign up for his events at The Mental Game,

Rock on Herman.

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